Property Management Sites

One of my oldest clients happens to be a property manager in Roseburg.  Now, in a lot of ways, property management sites seem like theyshould be pretty simple.  Throw up a few pictures, a small database so they don’t have to re-type listings every time a tenant moves out, some PDFs for applications and stuff.  No sweat, right?  Well, not quite.  You see, property managers are VERY interested in being #1 in Google when someone searches for a house for rent in ‘insert-city-here’.  They also really like to have listings and photo slideshows that look the way they want them to look.  You can’t really do a cookie-cutter site for a property manager.  Most everything has to be custom.

That’s what I’m really good at.  Doing everyday, typical things in creative, custom ways.  While a lot ofthe code on the back end is already written, tested, tried and true, the way that code is implemented is different for nearly every one of my clients.  That’s what custom means to me.  There are only so many ways to write a program, but there are an infinite number of ways to display the information.

If you have a property management company, you’re a real estate broker, or you’re trying to market your very own widget online, give me a call (an email is actually better, but call sounds cooler  🙂 ) and let me show you what I can do for you.