Umpqua Community College Foundation

The UCC Foundation wanted a website where they could send students to fill out scholarship and grant paperwork.  The main idea was to allow the students to fill out their criteria information online, then have a way to export the information so the Foundation folks could sort and look at the information in a more useful way.  In the past, they had to take paper applications and type the criteria information into a spreadsheet.  Very time consuming when you have several hundred applicants and 60-75 criteria each.

I was able to give them a custom database application that gives them one or two click access to all the information they need.  One button exports all the student criteria into a spreadsheet.  Saved hours and hours of time.  Another button prints all 450+ applications (3000+ pages) in a single click.

Upgrades planned for next year include the ability to convert all the applications back into a PDF that includes a couple documents the students upload into the system and a way to send only specific applications to the printer, as distinct files, that can be stapled and hold punched automatically.

Pretty cool deal, really.  A lot of work went into it and the client was pretty thrilled with the results.