Winston Area Community Partnership

This is actually the second version of this website.  When I did the first, they didn’t have much budget and didn’t really know how much they would use their website.  They asked for a pretty static site and, to be honest, WordPress hadn’t really become a functional Content Management System yet.  After having a website for a few years they had a much better idea what they wanted and how they could use it.  I sat down with them, listened to their needs and we decided that WordPress was definitely the answer.  I was able to customize a template so it looked very much like their old site (a design they really liked) and gave them the flexibility they needed to be able to add pages, change text and even manage their own events list and calendar.

They’ve been using this site for about a year now and have had no issues with managing events, editing text or adding photos to slideshows in posts and on pages.  I consider this site a real win.