Douglas County Million Dollar Club

The Douglas County Million Dollar Club is another long term client for me.  I did their first website for them in about 2004, I think.  Prior to that they were strictly print advertisers.  A database driven website that gets all their names and contact info out there seems like a no brainer.  🙂

The site is pretty basic.  Just two pages.  One for the brokers, the stars of the show, and a second for the affiliate members, like me.  Hopefully the broker members see a value in having their names out there.  I know that I have enjoyed working with all of them over the years.

** UPDATE **

Ok, so, the design above is pretty old.  It was cool when I did it, but bold colors and stuff just aren’t the current style.  When we were working on this year’s update the new president of the club asked me if we could update the look.  Here’s what we came up with.  Pretty nice, I think.  They think it’s WAY nice.

Most of the basic functions are the same as the original site.  The “Featured Member” is updated each day automatically so each member gets equal time.  The mortgage rates come from a plugin from an industry website that does mortgage rates.  No rocket science.  Just a nice update.