Leif Photography

Gary had been trying to find someone local who could take a design he had purchased online and make it work for his purposes.  As it turned out, the design he purchased had a bunch of Flash that made it very difficult to modify.  I basically re-created the look of the design he bought, but dumped the Flash and added some PHP fed JavaScript slideshows (12 of them on the home page) and gave him a way to upload photographs that a script on the server resized, created thumbnails and moved to a folder for each of the 12 slideshows.  What he ended up with was the ability to change the photos that come up in the slideshows himself.  No need to call the web guy.

Once he got the “do crazy stuff with my website” bug, he had me add a custom blog that he uses to showcase shoots and let people download low resolution versions of their photos for use on sites like Facebook, add a music player that let him choose specific music based on the page, add a full blown photo gallery that lets him upload as many photos as he likes (I think there are a couple thousand as of today) and a way to upload tips and coupons to go with specific photo galleries.  Very fun site.  Gary really knows how to test my creativity in coding.