Integrity Team Real Estate Services

Integrity finally got tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month for a cookie cutter website that looked just like everyone else’s.  When I met with Janet she was looking for something to make her stand apart from the competition.  As a successful real estate broker she had been meticulous in the design of her business cards, her signs, her new office in downtown Roseburg.  She wanted clean lines, classy, something that would really catch the eye.  I think I did a pretty good job.

What you’re seeing above is the listing details page for one of Janet’s listings.  I’ll tell you about a few of the cooler features of the site.

  • At the top, you’ll see “About the Company”, “Local Events”, and “Local Info / Links”.  All three of those pages are self managed by Integrity.  They have an administrative back end (custom built by me) that they log into to add or edit content for those pages.
  • The photo at the top right of the stream is actually a photo slideshow.  They can place any number of photos in the slideshow and each time a page loads the slideshow grabs a number of them and starts displaying them with a nice fade in/fade out transition.  I limited the number of slides so that the page didn’t take forever to load.  More pictures = more time to download.  As it is, the page loads quickly, but you get a seemingly random slideshow each time.  Pretty cool.
  • The menus are actually what is known as a Mega-Menu.  Most of the links are pretty normal, but if you roll over “Meet The Team” you see a dynamically generated grid of brokers.  The list is created from the database which, you guessed it, Integrity has full control over.  They add/edit/remove brokers on the fly.  Each broker profile has space for a photo, contact information, social networking links and all the normal stuff.  The broker profile page also shows each broker’s listings and, at some point, will also show blog posts for that particular broker.
  • The blog.  Ok.  Janet knows that the real value to a real estate broker is the knowledge in their head.  She wanted to be able to share that knowledge as well as boost her Google ranking, so we integrated a custom WordPress blog with the same design as her website.  The benefit to having it all together is that I can grab posts from a given category, tag or author and display them anywhere I like on the website.  Hence the statement above about showing blog posts on broker profile pages.  It’ll be super cool once the brokers really start posting.
  • The slideshow of photos is pretty cool.  Nothing overly special that you don’t see every day, but the thumbnails are squared off and outlined and move along with the main photo.  Oh, and the buttons are styled to match the rest of the site.  Nice, but not rocket science.
  • The listing data is obviously pulled automatically from the RMLS using my IDX feed.  No rocket science there either.  If you have a real estate website and you’re not utilizing some form of IDX you should really pull your head out of the sand and join the 20th century.
  • The map.  This is totally cool.  On the left you see a list of 10 listings of similar price and size (beds/baths/sqft) within a predefined radius. As you hover over the entries on the left, the photo and listing info on the right change as does the map.

So, lots of cool features.  All custom coded and pieced together to fit Janet’s vision of what she wanted a website to be.  I can do the same thing for you.  Just give me a call and we can talk.