Atrio Health Plans – Database Work

Atrio was a client of BBG Marketing, a local company I do a lot of maintenance and back end coding work for.  They came to me with Atrio because the database was having some issues and they needed to be able to get the drug information for their plans to display properly on their website.  Every month I would receive a couple monster text files that needed to be imported into their MySQL database.  Once the initial coding was done it was pretty easy.  Just a matter of backing up the database, blanking it out, then importing the new text files.

Atrio Healthplans - Custom Prior Authorization Drug Info database

Atrio had a change of leadership a couple years ago and started using a different company to do their website.  It’s ugly as hell now, and not cross browser compatible.  Good thing I’m not looking for a Medicare Supplement plan.  I can’t see their contact info in their header because I’m on a Mac.  Pretty sloppy.

Don’t let your website only be seen properly by people on one browser, or one kind of computer.  Cross browser compatibility is important these days.  More and more people are on Macs.  Even more are finally tired of Internet Explorer and all its problems and are using Chrome, or Firefox, or even Opera.  You need someone who tests cross platform and with multiple browsers to make sure your website is usable by all the people who want to give you money.