Coast Professional Services – Roseburg OR

Coast Professional Services is a local insurance agency.  Like Fotan, he’s basically a one man show and specializes in giving personal service.  He knows his clients by name and answers the phone when you call.  There’s really only one email address because he’s the one who checks it.  Ron originally paid several thousand dollars to a guy who said he “specializes in insurance agent websites”.  That sounded great.  Except he got a site that looks exactly like all the other insurance websites he did and it didn’t capture the feel of Ron’s agency.  Oh, plus he was paying hundreds of dollars a month to Google AdWords and not getting a single lead from his shiny new website.

When I came in I was able to give Ron a custom WordPress website with a very comfortable home town look.

Coast Professional Services

Ron is able to update his website on his own, which is great because he has a lot to say about Obamacare and the insurance industry in general.  He posts blog entries every now and then, which then submits his website to Google, Bing and several other search engines and directories.  Now he comes up in Google searches.  Pretty cool trick, huh?

Ron has become my insurance guy.  I highly recommend him.  I really prefer to keep my money local, but it really comes down to the value you get for your money.  If it looks like I can give you what you want better than the guy down the street from you, but I’m not local, you’re still better off hiring me.  At least you know who you’ll be talking to if you have changes.