Knoll Terrace – Canyonville Oregon

Knoll Terrace is a retirement community in Canyonville Oregon.  The owner lives on site and pretty well takes care of everything so the people who move in don’t need to.  Pretty cool website.  No real database integration or anything, but heavy on graphic design.  The maps are all customized from CAD drawings from the builder.  Lots of Photoshop work.

Knoll Terrace

The initial design was done by BBG Marketing.  I took over maintenance on the site a long time ago and a couple years ago Brian also asked me to optimize the site for Google and set up some Google Analytics as well as a couple AdWords campaigns.  It seems that he had originally set up AdWords 10 years ago when Google called him and hadn’t touched it since.  The world has changed a bit since then, so he wasn’t getting any traffic at all from his 10 year old campaigns.  Now he’s maxing out his daily budget by mid-morning pretty much every day with carefully qualified links.

Knoll Terrace is kind of like Fotan.  The employee list is incredibly short, so you always know who you’ll be talking to.  Call Brian if you’re 55+ and you want to live in the country.  Nice place.