Mercy Medical Center – Nampa, ID

Mercy Hospital in Nampa Idaho is a client of BBG Marketing.  Mercy wanted a calendar created for their website so they could input events and have them come up in order with certain details, like time, duration and location.  At the time there just weren’t any open source applications to install, so I wrote them custom application to suit their needs.  It was pretty cool.  They could add, edit and duplicate events with a few clicks and they would display through the day of the event, then disappear.  

Mercy Hospital - Nampa Idaho - Custom Calendar

For the events that recurred every week, the calendar would display the single event with multiple dates, but as the date passed, it would disappear leaving the rest of the dates for that month.  Seems simple, but it was quite the ordeal.

I always liked working for Mercy Nampa.  A couple years ago their parent corporation, or whatever you call the big group a hospital belongs to, changed hands and the new company had internal web guys.  They had me help with the transition and even had me take care of a few things before the final change, but I haven’t worked on their stuff in a while now.  I’ll have to check out the current site.  See if it’s as good as the work I did.  🙂