Music on the Half Shell

FINALLY!  After about 3 years of talking to the Half Shell Committee about taking over the website, I have it.

If you’re not from Roseburg, OR, Music on the Half Shell (MOTHS) is a local deal where live bands play in a half-shell erected in a local park (Stewart Park).  The concerts are free to the public and are usually pretty popular.  Sometimes to the tune of (excuse the pun) 9,000+ people.  Kind of  a big deal.

Anyway, the original website was done by one of the sponsors who also does the posters and much of the printed materials.  While they do an awesome job on the printed materials, the website just wasn’t being maintained the way it deserved.  Anyway, they made me the offer and I jumped on it.  Fun website to work on.



What I’ve done so far is to use the artwork from Creative Images (great artwork, by the way) and build the website around it.  Or, to be more specific, on top of it.  The home page has an accordion script that shows the current season’s shows in a pretty cool way and links to a concert details page with links to the artist’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed.  There is also a button to create a downloadable .ICS file so you can import the concerts into your electronic calendar.  

This last weekend I also added a F.A.Q. to answer some of the most common questions that come up, like Can you bring your own food? and When do the concerts start?  

Upcoming work is to get the list of vendors (food mostly) and sponsors on the website (just waiting on those lists) and a few other upgrades like making the website responsive so that it works on mobile devices as well as your desktop computer and possibly adding a text message option so you can opt-in to receive text reminders of upcoming concerts.  Pretty cool stuff, I think.

So, check out the website, come to a concert and have a great summer!  

Oh, and let me know if there’s anything you would like to see on the website.  I want to make it useful for the community at large.