WPMU LDAP plugin fixes

So, one of the little projects I’ve been asked to help with at Lane is to move a number of WordPress websites from an old WordPress Multi-User installation to a fancy new server with a WordPress Network (basically the same thing, just called a network since 3.something).  Anyway, they wanted to make it really slick, so the network admin set up a plugin to authenticate WordPress users against the school’s LDAP server.  In other words, each person (student, staff, faculty…) has a master user name and password for all things having to do with Lane.  Rather than have WordPress outside this, we use the WPMU LDAP plugin to allow users to log into their WordPress sites using their Lane credentials.  Pretty cool.

Couple issues came up though.  The servers at Lane are really tied down so they stay squeaky clean.  Little things that developers often don’t worry about display errors here.  What that does is just makes you, as a developer, really consider what you’re doing with variables.  Here’s what I saw…

Anyway, the WPMU LDAP plugin had a couple minor issues like using deprecated WordPress functions.  If you have found this post because you’re having the same problem, you can download the fixed plugin here.

Please remember that this is for wpmuldap_4.0.2, so check the plugin page on WordPress’s website to see if there isn’t an updated version of the plugin.  I’m about 5 minutes away from contacting the developer to see if he would like to fork my fixes.

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