Brent Gunter (Musician)

Brent is a musician from the Portland area.  He spends a big chunk of the year traveling around doing concerts and needed a way to sell tickets on his website.  He already had the website, but had no idea how to integrate PayPal and a shopping cart.  He called me and I took care of …

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Schola Antiquae Vocis

This was a singing group my mom belonged to.  As you can probably imagine, I didn’t have to try real hard to get the job working on this site.  Of course, I also didn’t get paid much for it.  I think it was a pretty nice design though.  At the time, the circles and stuff …

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Hire A Daughter – Eldercare

Hire A Daughter was  a cool idea an ex-eldercare provider had.  She had worked in memory care facilities and just didn’t like the lack of attention she was able to give the residents.  She decided to go out on her own and do in-home visits and respite care.  Unfortunately, the business never took off.  Maybe …

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