Umpqua Oats

This was a quick job I did in 2009, or so.  They just needed a way to display a store locator that they could update themselves.  All back end work, except for the map.  Looks like the locator has been taken down now, but it worked really nicely when it was up.  🙂

Puget Sound Platter

PSP is a site all about the food scene in the Puget Sound area.  Karen, the owner, is quite the foodie and wanted to be able to share all the great local food related happenings as well as write-ups about local restaurants, pubs, cooking schools…  Pretty much everything food related, but with a local focus. …

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Music on the Half Shell

FINALLY!  After about 3 years of talking to the Half Shell Committee about taking over the website, I have it. If you’re not from Roseburg, OR, Music on the Half Shell (MOTHS) is a local deal where live bands play in a half-shell erected in a local park (Stewart Park).  The concerts are free to …

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Roseburg Country Club

So, the Country Club had a great website.  Designed by my friends over at BBG Marketing many moons ago.  As often happens these days, RCC wants to be able to update their website without having to “call the web guy”.  They also wanted to make the site more interactive.  Randy, the pro, wants to post …

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So, I get this call one day.  Mr. Swift needs a website to sell his dad’s model airplane engine collection.  Apparently there’s a whole subculture out there of people who buy and sell model airplane engines.  Whowouldathunkit?  We had a coffee, he showed me a list of the engines he needs to sell.  440 of …

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