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Here at Fotan we have a soft spot for service organizations. If you need a website for your organization, we are happy to provide a free website to help you out.

The only thing we require is that your site is hosted on our server. Couple reasons for this.

  1. If anything goes wrong and you need help, we know our server. Makes support a lot easier. (We never charge folks like you for basic help or support. I know.  Pretty cool of us.  It's just how we roll.)
  2. It's how we recoup a little of the cost associated with giving you a free website. Go figure. We're a business. If we just give everything away we can't stay in business to give free websites to service clubs.

We're not talking a lot of money here. $10/mo gets you a website with a clean, professional design that you can update with things like meeting information, photo galleries of your events, applications for assistance...  Whatever you want.  As long as it's legal, you can do it and we're always here to lend a hand.

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