Business Class Email

Email is no longer an option.  Over the years it has become a necessity.  Not only for communicating, but for record keeping.  How often do you have someone on the phone and say “Hang on, let me find that information. I know I sent it in an email…”?

Having reliable email can mean the difference between being in business and not.  The difference between getting the great news and being in the dark.   Don’t let a few bucks be the difference between having a reliable, stable email address that you can count on.

Our email is hosted on a fully managed server by people who do nothing but take care of your email 24 hours a day.  The spam filtering is among the best that there is and the features are on par with far more expensive and intrusive email providers (I’m talking about you, Google).

Still not sure? Use the buttons below to ask us anything.  We’ll convince you that our email is for you!