Team Bios

Matt Danskine

Chief Mouse Pusher, Wife Happy-maker

Birthplace: Roseburg Oregon
School Work: Almost a BSEE (Heavy on the BS)
Music: Nearly anything live, almost as much in iTunes
Top 3 Movies: Caddyshack, Fletch, Animal House
Dream Job: Yacht Captain

A long (oh, so long) description of what Matt does

Melissa Danskine

Chief Writer, Head Goober, Bread Maker

Birthplace: Covina California
School Work: AA in English. Published Author of Fiction.
Music: Classical, Blues, Jazz, Pop
Top 3 Movies: To Kill a Mockingbird, White Christmas, Sound of Music
Dream Job: Tropical Beach Inspector

Gorden "Gordie" leMew

Napper, bird watcher, purrrrrchasing

Birthplace: Eugene Oregon
School Work: Mostly slept through class. Especially if there was a sunny spot.
Music: Anything quiet enough to not disturb me.
Top 3 Movies: Cattyshack, That Darn Cat, That Cat From Outerspace
Dream Job: Lap Cat

Dodger deDog

Dodger moved on to his next big adventure in September of 2018 after almost 14 years of Good Boy!’s and lots of DODGER!!!!!!’s.

He will be missed.