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What services do you guys offer?
On the web side, we offer website design and development, website hosting, email hosting, domain name registration and management, private cloud storage and HIPAA compliant cloud backup space.

We also offer professional writing and some social media and SEO help, although it's not our main business.
Where are your clients located?
I've been around the block.  I have done work for companies in CA, ID, WA, OR, FL, TX, NY MD, OK, The US Virgin Islands, Taiwan...

It's the web. There's really no limit to where you can work and I have been lucky to have made connections with people all over the world.
Hiring you, or hiring someone in-house. What's the difference?

The benefits of hiring someone like us vs. hiring in-house include:

  • Access to highly specialized and seasoned experts
  • Access to leading industry tools, insights and know-how
  • Flexibility in terms of contractual obligations
  • We never use sick or vacation pay
  • We don't require health insurance or other benefits
  • We never hang out around your water cooler
  • We keep ourselves up to date on training and you never have to pay for it
  • If you have a slow week, you're not paying us or trying to find something for us to do so we're not just hanging out around your water cooler taking up space

There are many. The gyst is that you only pay for what you need from us and it's not your responsibility to keep us up to date on training and tools. At the end of the day, you spend less to get more.

What sets Fotan apart from other developers?

We have been trained in 508 Accessibility. This is a very hot topic these days, and will only get hotter.

Consulting is the integral part of our business. Each of our clients receives guidance from us like they were family. (Hopefully our clients actually listen to us, as opposed to our family)

We are available anytime. We regularly answer emails and text messages from clients at 10pm or 6am.

We seriously treat clients like friends. We're not just someone you write a check to to do something you can't do yourself. We want to be part of the process and add value every step of the way.

Who Are These Jokers?

Dogs courtesy of The Pet Place, St. Croix Animal Welfare Center Doggy Day Out


I have a long history of process analysis and streamlining of old, worn out processes.
I have been a freelance web developer for a little over 20 years working for businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to $10M per year international corporations to regional hospitals and even politicians and city governments. Before becoming a web developer, I did pre- and post-sales support for a couple computer manufacturers that worked in big business and military circles.


I am a freelance writer, artist and budding photographer. My creative, intuitive nature complements Matt's analytically technical brain. I am ridiculously obsessed with research and details are important to me.

When not working, I can usually be found on the beach swimming, snorkeling and searching for treasures.
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