Web developer with over 20 years experience solving problems just like yours.  Born and raised in Oregon, but spent my early professional career in Seattle and the Los Angeles area. What this means for you is I understand small business (I am one myself), but I also understand the needs and requirements of big business. 

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Who Are These Jokers?

Dogs courtesy of The Pet Place, St. Croix Animal Welfare Center Doggy Day Out

Matt Danskine

I have a long history of process analysis and streamlining of old, worn out processes.

I have been a freelance web developer for a little over 20 years working for businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to $10M per year international corporations to regional hospitals and even politicians and city governments.  Before becoming a web developer, I did pre- and post-sales support for a couple computer manufacturers that worked in big business and military circles.
What Matt does, in his own words...
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Melissa Danskine

I am a freelance writer, artist and budding photographer. My creative, intuitive nature complements Matt's analytically technical brain. I am ridiculously obsessed with research and details are important to me.

When not working, I can usually be found on the beach swimming, snorkeling and searching for treasures.
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Gordie deCat -- aka, Mr. Moustache

He's the real brains of the operation.  A little lacking in the "sense of humor" department (makes sense since he is head of purrrrrr-chasing), but we love him anyway. 
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